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5/1/14. More good info today.

A little bit of everything, email, free phone call app, free training apps etc.  Being a small class during the summer months allows us to cover a wide spectrum of things related to the iPhone and iPad.

BookBub ( and ENT ( have daily offers of Free or very low cost ebooks.  Not Bestsellers, but some very good reads.  You can download them onto your iPhone or iPad, though you may need an Amazon account to do it through. - can get it as an app too (google translate)
translate an entire website from approximately 81 foreign languages into English or vice versa.  With the app, you can type in what you want translated, speak it into the microphone  OR handwrite it, and the app will not only display the correct phrase, but click on the speaker icon next to it and you'll hear how to say it in the language you're wanting!

Use this app on your iPad to make FREE calls to Canada and the US (directly to your friend's landline).  This will require WiFi access.  You may want to email the person to alert them that you'll be calling because it shows up on caller ID as coming from Florida.

WONDERFUL online classes highly recommended by Sandy and Kay:
David A Cox's
Great classes on iPad, iPhone, PCs and Macs
Just for examples:
One class teaches you how to get rid of duplicate contacts.
Another class is on Battery Life.
Another about iCloud support?
(Note:  When you first sign up, you must wait for a confirmation email that will give you this month's password in order to access the website.)

Contacts:  Just a note: as soon as you change something in one contact on one iDevice, it will sync IMMEDIATELY in your other iProducts.  So immediately put the other iProduct in Airplane mode if you don't want it to sync.

If you don't care for the 3D effect in the ios7 (wallpaper moves slightly when iPhone is moved), stop it by going to:
  • Settings
  • General (if you don't see General, swipe to find it)
  • Accessibility
  • Reduce Motion - turn it on (will show green)
To send a Photo in email on iPhone or iPad:
  • Open Photos
  • Select a photo by touching it and it will become full screen
  • Hit the Share button (box with upward arrow) [on iPhone the photo will have a circle with a checkmark in it.  You can swipe to select more photos (max 5 for email).  When you've chosen the ones you want, click NEXT]
  • select MAIL
  • Fill in the To:  and Subject: lines by touching each and the keyboard will appear.  When done typing, hit keyboard symbol on lower right.
  • Click send
  • on the iPhone, it will ask you to choose the message size.  Choose MEDIUM
MAIL (the blue square with white envelope) App:
To set up your iPad or iPhone to receive email:  You must know your email provider (ie AOL, Google[gmail]cr8zy, yahoo, etc), your email address and password.  To set up new email account:
  1. Settings
  2. Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Add Account
  4. Choose type of account (provider)
  5. enter Name, email address, password & description
  6. Next  (mail will begin verifying)
  7. If all is correct, blue checkmarks will appear next to each entry, then the next screen will show up
  8. At this point, Turn on Mail & Contacts.  Calendars and notes are your decision.
  9. Save
  10. You new email account will be added
Again, it is recommended you have a gmail address (that will also serve as the login for other google based sites you may want to access).
 To create one:
  • Go to
  • (note: when you go into Safari, there may be a website address already in the address bar.  Simply touch it.  When it highlights all blue, you can just start typing the address you want)  Then press GO.
  • Below the blue sign-in rectangle are the words Create A New Account
  • Tap that and it will take you to
  • Follow the prompts to create a google account which will serve as your gmail login.  (Remember to write down your user name & 8 character password!)  You'll also have to enter a birth month, day & year, but you can make one up - just remember to write that down also.  To prove you're not a robot randomly creating gmail addresses, you have to type the numbers displayed into the blank space below them.  Verify your location is United States, check the box agreeing to the Terms of Service, then tap Next step
  • If every was put in correctly, you'll come to a Welcome! page confirming your new gmail user name.  
  • Leave this page and go back to Settings to set up your iPad or iPhone to receive this new email address. (see steps 1 through 10 above).
Within Mail, mailboxes are more like file folders, so you can organize your saved emails.When you go into Mail, you can choose to look at your emails via each individual email address you have OR you can select All Inboxes.
To read about "Folders (Mailboxes) in Mail and arranging your emails", refer to the Sunday, December 14, 2013 post on the PALM CREEK IPAD USERS GROUP blog (  Type the word Mail in the search bar (upper left where the magnifying glass is).

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