Monday, April 29, 2013

Another meeting with no structure, but lots of fun, laughter and knowledge sharing.  Again we all shared tips and different apps that each had discovered.

·         Went over some issues with iMessage, where some of the users new to the iPad did not know about or could not send FREE messages to other iProducts.  Reviewed settings to ensure iMessage was turned on.  For more info on iMessage go to

·         Reviewed from last week the question of how to create groups and how to send group emails.

o    First Groups within the Contacts list can only be created from your PC or Mac.  However after doing a bit of research and downloading several contact apps, the third party app that gives the best options for creating Groups was the app called

A2Z Contacts, see below for link.

Next on the issue of sending out Group emails, you can easily send emails to multiple addresses on your iPad but the mail app only allows for adding one email address at a time. This can be time consuming if you send emails to large groups or routinely send emails to the same group of people, so again you need a third party app.  Again A2Z Contacts allows you to do group emails as well as group text messages.

 A2Z Contacts - Contact Manager, Edit Groups, Send Group Emails & Text Messages by Playa Apps

·         We talked about printing from the iPad, iPhone and how you needed an AirPrint capable printer.  We also discussed benefits of getting LaserJet especially if you already have a good printer for printing photos... A link to the list of compatible printers is below.

·         While checking on my network to see if it was working and if my printer was on MY Network, I discovered an app called Fing.  It's an excellent tool to discover network devices, scan services and analyze hosts.  If you are not sure if your printer is on your network, this is a good way to check.  Originally I could not print.  After installing this app I discovered my printer was on its own network, not mine.

·         Did a short review of Evernote with some who missed earlier sessions, on sending emails directly into Evernote

·         Reviewed Find my Friends and the benefits of having friends and family aware that you arrived at your destination safely.

·         When you get access to a WiFi printer, two good apps to get are Avery

Design & Print by Avery Dennison Office & Consumer Products

·        Finally a discussion was started on making free phone calls within the US and Canada from our iPads.  This is especially useful if you have limited minutes or people you wish to call do not have an iPhone or iPad or live in Canada. We were introduced to Magic Jack (an iPhone app) that works on the both.  You do have to sign up for an account, but afterwards it will work on both the iPhone and the iPad.

·         FREE Calls with magicJack by magicJack

Next week we are going to work on inputting recipes and magazine articles into Evernote and introduce everyone to Evernote Food and who knows what else will be introduced or discovered.

  Yes are going to still meet again next Sunday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunday April 21, 2013

This meeting had no structure, but we sure covered a lot of ground.  We all shared tips and different apps that each had discovered.

·         Went over iBooks and how to download some great FREE exercise video books from the Store, how you can use the Collections tab to download PDF files like the Palm Creek Happenings, Manuals, Restaurant Menus and put them into a Collections folder.

·         We discussed how to use the Contacts with Emoji to identify different groups of people.  We also discovered we can view Groups within the Contacts app on the iPad, however they must be created and set up on either the Mac or PC.

·         I did a demo on how to transfer Photos to your PC or Mac so you could work in Picasa or transfer them to another media for backup, either an external drive, thumb drive, or CD.  The app we used was Wireless Transfer App which must be present on your PC or Mac as well as the iPad and iPhone so that you can transfer between them.  Note when downloading an app, be sure to download it on the iPad because it will automatically also go to the iPhone.  If you do the iPhone first you will have to go to the iPad and download it again.  Sometimes there is an extra charge for that.

·         We discovered a free leaning app called Grovo where you can select different products which you will be directed to for some short video training.  One such video on Evernote demonstrated how to use the Evernote camera app to take multiple pictures of something and they will all be placed into one note, saving you the aggravation of consolidating later.  This would out great for those magazines you want to get rid of, but want to save an article.

·         Showed how to drag and drop email addressee names down into the cc or bcc line without having to retype them.
We are going to meet again next Sunday for another one of these great sharing sessions.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday  - April 14, 2013

We installed Evernote Web Clipper to individual iPads.  The Web Clipper is usually installed on the PC or Mac, but having it on the iPad is just great.  If you are technically advanced, I will send you the instructions, it is a onetime install, but involves several steps including cut and paste.  Send a note to us via the Contact Information email address.
Showed how you can research something on the web via Safari, like a special purchase, recipes, woodworking, quilting, sewing etc etc.  Once the page you want comes up and you wish to save it into Evernote , select the Evernote Web Clipper an you can put it in the Notebook where you can have access to it quickly in the future.

We also reviewed sending email directly into Evernote, but now we can put it in the proper folder with the proper tag.  See Tip of the Week for the proper Syntax.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 7, 2013

Sunday Brent answered lots general questions.

·         Demo of slide show from Picture Frame with music from Bluetooth enabled speaker.

·         Covered iCloud from Cheryl so played good basic tutorial the Mac group used Tues. (macmost).

·         Aviary Photo Editor demo on Titles & Stickies, although Zitrr Camera (Primarily iPhone App)  maybe more complete.

·         Went through Contacts, adding Birthdays & Pics so the next time you review that contact next season you will know or remember who it is.

·         Went over FaceTime & Messages (how do you enter ph. #- I went online very confusing answer - maybe just use email)  See Information and Tips on FaceTime

·         CoPilot Live

After reviews fielded individual questions..

Monday, April 1, 2013

Several people have asked what would be a good book to get when starting out with a new iPad.

Check out the link for Guide Review and hopefully this will help you.

If you have any questions, use the Contact button.


See you next Sunday