Sunday, February 24, 2013

iPad Users Group met in the Cholla Room.
We had as large group for the size of the room and most could not get wifi access from the Ocotillo room across the street.  We still had lots to discuss.
Some of the topics were Digital Magazines.  A demonstration was shown of Better Homes and Gardens, paper vs digital versions and how they can come to life with videos and extra information that will pop up when selecting an info icon on the digital version of the magazine.  Some of the choices of magazines are pointed out on this Web Blog.  Check out the side panels for additional information.  In addition to Newstand there are also versions of popular magazines available from

If anyone is familiar with Shazam, an app with the ability to identify songs and artists, and QR Reader for scanning a program that reads the QR Scan Codes, there is a new app on the block that does both, Digimarc which not only does the QR scans and music scans but it also lets you detect imperceptible digital watermarks on magazine pages.  An example will be shown in class next Sunday of the ones included in Cooking Light magazine.

Make a shortcut to this site.  Open in Sarfari and hit the arrow button on the upper left and the hit the Add to Home Screen to make a shortcut.
Security issues were discussed and email questions were answered on deleting versus archiving.

Next week we will return to the Ocotillo Room and there will be a presentation on eBooks from the Library.  Hopefully we can have some breakout groups on various subjects. Also some tips on Evernote Web Clipper and activating your Evernote Upload address so that emails, and scanned documents can be stores in Evernote.  If you have a chance, make sure you download Evernote so that you can participate in the discussion.  Links are are this website on the sidebar.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brent discussed various new applications and reviewed some old ones. 
Group discussion on external keyboards, ZAGG keyboards which are attached to a case, vs standalone wireless Bluetooth ones.  Also made announcement that Apple is getting ready to debut a new iPad in March/April 2013.

Went over some of the apps that you can get for free for TV channels and programs you may have missed, like History Channel, or PBS stations.
Demonstrated Panorama ($.99) app again and how to use Instaquote to add descriptions or comments to your photos.  Many questions came up on iCloud syncing of photos and how they can be filtered, backed up by other means, etc.  Photo management and manipulation will probably be a Group Breakout Session next week.

Brent did a brief overview of Flipboard - Print-style page layouts. Streaming audio and video support. Content partnerships with major publishers. Strong social networking features. Fast page-swiping. Looks sharp in both portrait and landscape modes. Aggregates news, images, video, social networking updates, and shared links.
Skype was reviewed and the MagicJack app was also introduced for just calling US and Canada (no video) as an alternative for low cost or no cost phone calls.  It was also mentioned that Canadians can get US apps, however, they need to go to the Apple Store (closest is Chandler) to set up a US Apple ID.  By doing this, this allows Canadians to access apps like Pandora and other free apps that are available in the US but not in Canada/

Being the sizes of the classes are getting smaller, we are going to start a new format so that more people can get involved and share their experiences. 

Next week, starting at 1pm, there will be a discussion of Evernote and how to use the Evernote Webclipper and also how to send emails to be saved to Evernote, for example online order receipts.  Those interested in pursuing Evernote should go the link section of this blog and click on Evernote.  The links to download Evernote are there and also a short introduction video to Evernote.
After a brief discussion, we will break up in small groups to work on evaluating and searching out the better apps for a specific application.  Photos. Utilities and other most-wanted topics.  Groups will be formed on interest of specific topics.  Brent and Sandy will assist with the groups with questions on research techniques and other questions.

Hopefully, this format will create a more relaxed and informal group for answering and researching the many topics that there seems to be interest in.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sunday 2/10/2013 Group met and discussed the following:
Photo - Journal maybe Evernote
Send in email 
Free Books
Magazines ---- How to search & download from Apps
Scan documents - Genius Scan
Square - other attachments
Camera Dock
Copilot GPS

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunday Happenings

On Super Bowl Sunday the attendance was down at both the 1:00 pm and 3:00 sessions.
Brent went over some Photo stuff and how to do some enhancements to the photos taken with the iPad.

Brent shared with us some interesting things that he discovered while reading his new book - iPad for Dummies by Edward Braig and Bob LeVitus - 5th Edition which is the latest discussing things using iOS6.

Brent also discussed mailboxes and how we can Flag important messages and create file folders to group certain emails into by topics.

Sandy assisted in showing the class how to make shortcuts to the desktop for websites used most often vs using a bookmark.

An iPad Users Group survey form was passed out to find out what areas of interest that the Group should be looking into.

As for the 3:00 session, Brent got the afternoon off to enjoy the Super Bowl, I myself enjoy the commercials.

Basically the afternoon session was about sharing some neat apps and gathering information for the direction our Group should be heading by handing out the iPad Users Group survey.