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Viola - 3D Maps
This Sunday  Brent Shirley focused on Photos and Camera.  The default iPad Camera app was compared to the Camera+ apps ($.99) which allows you a zoom option, stabilizing feature, 30 second timer, a burst option for a faster shutter speed, and exposure are among some of the neat features of this app.  It also has a menu where you can change many of the settings and auto save to lightbox (a buffered holding area for pics ) until you really want to save them.
Also went over Panorama+ apps ($.99) again.  A Panorama option comes with the iPhone 4S, but to get the same option on the iPad you need to purchase or download an app that does that for you.
Another neat photo app Brent went over was Text on Photo app ($.99) but was free today on the Apps Gone Free site that is recommended by the Users Group and needs to be checked on a daily basis for some great opportunities. Also a fun app that Brent showed was adding cute features to current photos, this free app is called Photo Editor by Aviary, however you only get a limited amount of free stickers the rest you can purchase different categories for $.99 ea (not such a great bargain).

Sandy also mentioned an app that allows you to take still photos extracted from video to capture those special moments to get a great picture when everyone or everything is moving.  This app Video 2 Photo is now $1.99 but was available for FREE on March 21 via  Apps Gone Free.

Next he went over some of the neat stuff you can do with default Maps app that comes with the iPad. by turning on  the 3D mapping function that comes with Maps  (after opening, go to lower left corner and select 3D, also flip the page by going to the lower right hand corner where the page is dog-eared and select and chose Hybrid).  Select a city and zoom in to all the 3D effects of the large cities with tall buildings.

Also Sandy mentioned was an alternative to buying a handheld GPS unit versus installing one of the apps like Magellan Roadmate Tom Tom, or Garmin.  USA or North American versions.  Links to these apps can be found under LINKS TO USER APPS – Mapping Suggestions

Brent also did a review of some Safari settings, how to set auto fill so you don’t have to fill in all the information on a request, but you must add your own contact information into your contact list.  Also if you want to check out what other tabs you have open on other devices, you need to turn on the iCloud function in Safari.  This is done by going into Settings, iCloud, and turning Safari to the on position.  When you go back to Safari, a cloud will appear in the title bar.  If you select it, it will show you other tabs you have open in Safari on your other devices.


Don’t forget to check the Tip of the Week.  along with the App of the week

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This Sunday Sandy Morin did another presentation on Evernote.  We reviewed the Evernote from last week by replaying the Video/Audio lesson on why you should set up Notebooks and a bit of a strategy on the subjects contained within a Notebook by Dr. Brad Semp the founder of and creator and host of the Busyness TV show.
Next we viewed the Video/Audio lesson by Dr. Semp on Developing a Tagging Strategy in Evernote.
We then reviewed some of the things we looked at last week.  We created a note, went over some of the ways to capture information and place into Evernote.  These are just a few: 
  • Create a Note, Scan a Document, adding a Picture, Email Content, Record an Audio Note, Cut and Paste.  These are only a few.  We will be doing Web Clipping and how to Print from Evernote in upcoming weeks.
We revisited some of the settings so you can see how much of the 60 MB monthly allotment you have used and when it gets renewed (days) within Evernote. Also a review of how to use your Evernote Upload email address so that you can send emails to your Evernote account and then put them into Notebooks.
Next week Brent will return and hopefully we can go into some fun stuff with pictures or other things Brent may want to tell us about.  Also, as I did this past week, I can stay a bit and help those with Evernote or other issues after class.
Also as a reminder, we have already collected 26 names of those of you who are interested in coming back to our classes and user group meetings for the 2013-2014.  If you have not signed up . Please do so as there will be a wait list as soon as the room fills up.  Those people whose names are on the list are considered in line.
Also I would like to introduce a special Tip of the Week .  Check out along with the App of the week

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Sunday, March 10, 2013
This Sunday Sandy Morin did a presentation on Evernote.  We went through introduction to Evernote videos and got an overall perspective on how to use Evernote in our daily and business lives.  Go to the side bar on the right and click on Evernote Training Video under the HELP VIDEOS section for a review. 
Glen Munro of Brain Diesel usually does videos on Microsoft stuff, but he was so impressed with Evernote, he decided to share with us some of the powerful ways that Evernote can help us in our busy lives.
Sandy later walked us thru the steps of creating an account, creating a note, how to add an image from your Camera Roll or one you just took.  We reviewed some of the settings within Evernote and also were shown how to use your Evernote Upload email address so that you can send emails to your Evernote account and then put them into Notebooks.
We also heard a Video/Audio lesson on why you should set up Notebooks and a bit of a strategy on the subjects contained within a Notebook by Dr. Brad Semp the founder of and creator and host of the Busyness TV show.
 After watching and listening to the videos we had a work session on creating an ID and password, creating notes, creating notebooks, sending emails, and how to put some information that can be retrieved at any time from any device you have placed the Evernote application on.
Next week we will continue with Evernote and go into Tagging and the many ways you can add information into Evernote and how to search for it later.  We will again have a work session to put our new knowledge to work.
Hopefully everyone is checking daily the Apps Gone Free link that is located on the right under LINKS.  These apps are not free forever; some of them are only a free for a limited time or just one day!  So be sure to check it once a day, maybe when you check your mail, get in the habit, you can save a lot of money and gain new areas of interest.

App of the Week
Also I would like to introduce a special app of the week.  This week (Sunday March 10) one of the apps which was free is ActMonitor.  This app keeps eye on your device usage (works on iPhone as well as iPad), battery usage and based on your charge, how many minutes you have available etc.  Try it, it can tell you a lot about your iPhone or your iPad.

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Sunday - March 4, 2013

Photos were covered again along with a review some of the basic iPad settings.  If we want to get something worthwhile out our Group before we leave to home or wherever for the summer lets try to all get on the same page.  Lets make learning fun!

Some of the same questions keep reappearing - for a quick inexpensive guide for many of 
The basics is investing 99¢ on TIPS TRICKS IPAD SECRETS

Below is a review of this app.  

Having mastered some of the basics will allow us to grow in our exploration of what the iPad can do and what it can do for you as a user.

Sandy Morin will be taking us thru a step by step, setting up Evernote and creating notes and start 
us on some simple and thoughtful uses of this powerful application.  

We have heard requests about how we can do this and that.

Start by using Google to ask the questions and so that we don't forget we will be shown in a future session how we can ask a question in Google and save it into Evernote by using the web clipper.

Please install Evernote on all your devices - iPhone iPad PC or Mac PRIOR to class
When the class downloads apps all at the same time - it puts a burden on the system and takes away from instruction time as we have to wait till everyone is at the same starting point.