Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday May 5, 2013

This was the last regular Sunday meeting for the group.  I will continue to post updates to the apps and tips, however not on a regular schedule.  Hopefully you will continue to follow the blog and send Brent and myself a note at palmcreekipad@gmail.com,  from time to time to share some of the discoveries you have made over the summer.

Sunday we did an overview of Evernote Food as a companion app to Evernote.  We downloaded Evernote Food.  When it asks you to create an account DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT use your Evernote user ID and password. As a reminder, your user ID can be found by going to the home page of Evernote.  In the upper left you will see your user name, to verify, look at your account info under general settings and look at your Evernote email address, your ID is the first portion up to the period or dot.
Before downloading you might want a quick overview of what Evernote Food is and does.  For those of you who have been inputting recipes already, never fear, all will still be under the Evernote umbrella, just presented to you in a different way.

Start with the getting started video.

After installing Evernote Food we added recipes from magazines directly into Evernote, we took photos of recipes and combined them into one note in Evernote.  The recipes, whether we put them directly into Evernote or got them from emails, the Web Clipper,photos or Evernote Food all ended up in one place.

For those of you who are always in search of good reading along with some great food information -- Every Day Food is now free

Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazine by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc


We also took a brief look at a Grovo Training video on Boomerang for Gmail.  This may be an app we may want to explore further next season. Watch this cute overview video of Boomerang

email pet by Grovo