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April 17, 2014

Notes by Peggy 

Moving photos from iphone and ipad to a PC.

We worked on moving photos from iphone/ipad to a PC today.

First, on your PC (computer):
  • Start button (lower left in Windows 7)
  • Select Computer
  • C drive
  • Users (folder)
  • Your name (folder)
  • My Pictures (folder)
  • Create a new folder and Label it: iPad Photos
  • Create a separate new folder and Label it: iPhone Photos
  • YES, you need 2 different folders as you want to keep separate which photos come from each iUnit.  Because of syncing between iProducts and photo streaming (which is ONLY between iProducts) knowing from which product a certain photo originated gets confusing.
  • NOTE:  Camera Roll is the Master File on the iPad.  If you delete a photo in there, it is gone from ALL albums.
Now, connect your iPad (or iPhone) to the computer with the USB charger cord that came with your iProduct.
To access the photos from the iPad that is connected to the computer, go to:
  • Computer
  • Your iPad should now show up where the other drives in your computer appear.  Be PATIENT, it may not show up immediately.  If iTunes opens, close it - we're not moving photos through that today.  Click on your iPad when it appears.
    • NOTE: Your computer may ask "Do you want to allow this computer to access info on "XNAME's iPad?"' Effectively say yes, by clicking CONTINUE.
    • And, Your iPad will ask "Trust this computer?"  Click TRUST.
  • After you've clicked on 'your iPad', INTERNAL STORAGE will appear.  Click on that.
  • DCIM will show next.  Keep clicking on that until photos appear.
From here, you can move all the photos currently on your iPad into the computer:
  • Highlight the 1st photo
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Hold the SHIFT key down as you click on the last photo.*
  • All photos will turn blue
  • R click in the blue, and choose COPY
  • Now, on the left of the computer's screen, click on PICTURES 
  • Find the folder you created earlier named iPad Photos
  • R click on that folder, then click PASTE
  • All the photos will copy into that folder!
    • *Note:  If you prefer to pick and choose which photos to copy, hold down the CTRL key as you click click click the individual, noncontiguous pictures.  They will turn blue as you choose them.  
Now that the photos are in your computer, you can burn them to a disk, USB, or backup on an external hard drive.  ONLY after you're sure you have your photos SAVED, you can delete them from your iPad to free up space.

It is highly recommended you back up your ENTIRE computer the 1st of every month.  This is easy using an external hard drive.  There are convenient sized portable hard drives even up to 1TB(terra byte)!  The initial full backup will take quite a bit of time, but future ones will only backup files that have changed.  Join and attend Palm Creek's wonderful Computer Club for more information.

On iPad and iPhone, photos can be transferred even easier than the procedure outlined above by using an App made especially for this.  Two that Sandy recommends are:
  1. WIFI transfer $2.99 in the App Store (but you can wait for it to come around on Apps Gone Free).
  2. Video2photo   $0.99 in the App Store.

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