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WOW we had over 40 attendees this past Sunday.  25 were new to the iPad Users Group.  Many were starting with their New Year's resolutions of improving themselves with the iPad and others  just got one for Christmas.  In any event, welcome.  Hopefully everyone who attends learns something.  Unfortunately I do not have the resources to do individual group sessions based on ability as I am only one person.  At least until Brent gets back, I will try to focus on assisting those newbies who want to get up and running.  If those who have been in the group in the past can assist, that would be wonderful.  Many hands make light work, and in my case we can progress faster.
Below are the minutes taken by Peggy - She is doing a great job and this is a big help to me.
Sandy Morin
Jan 5, 2014  iPad Users' Group - Peggy Aebersold-Fetzer
To prevent the screen from rotating when you rotate the iPad:
First, go to Settings/General/Use Side Switch To:
Put the checkmark at lock rotation (if you checkmark mute, the side switch will be used to mute or unmute your iPad).  You have to choose your preference, as the side button can only be used for one or the other.
Then, on the exterior of the iPad, beside the Volume control on horizontal top left, (or top right side when holding the iPad vertically) is a Button.
Sliding that button to the right (or down) exposes an orange dot, and will lock the screen.  Sliding the button to the left (or top) will allow the screen to rotate. (The button will mute or unmute if you chose that option for the side button while in the Settings mode.)

To know if your iPad is updated:
Under Settings/General/Software Update-it will either attempt to update, or show you the iOS version you have. (7.04 is currently the newest version.)
To make a shortcut to the invaluable Palm Creek iPad Users' Blog:
Open the Safari web browser, tap in the address bar to allow you to type in the new address - Then press GO on the keyboard.
Once you are on the iPad Users' Group site, hit the box with the arrow pointing straight up (in the upper left corner).  From the gray-outlined symbols that appear, choose
Add to Home Screen.  At this point, change the name since you'll only be able to read a short bit on your home screen and you want the title to be easy to recognize.  (You will NOT be able to edit the title later).  Tap on the current bold-texted title (Palm Creek iPad Users Group), tap the X in a circle, then type in a better title (ie iPad Users).  Then click Add.  You will now be able to easily go to the PC iPad Users' Group blog directly from your home screen by tapping that shortcut icon.
(Quick note - if you had chosen Add to Reading List instead of Add to Home Screen, you would find this webpage in the future by accessing the web via Safari, choosing the bookmark icon in the upper right (next to the cloud), then clicking on the eyeglasses symbol to see your saved reading lists.)
Settings/Privacy/Location Services Location Services SHOULD be on for iPad apps to work well

Hit Home button twice-goes to Multitasking mode.   All applications that are currently open appear.  You can switch to another application just by tapping on the one you want to use.  If you wish to close one, simply Swipe it up.  Note:  having many open not only uses up the battery faster, but slows down the performance of the iPad.

To get the iPad User Guide for iOS7 free download:
From The IPad Users' blog - click on new iPad resources under Users Guides (on Right side of the blog).  Scroll up and down in this new screen to see various items.  Almost anything in blue text will be a direct link.  Simply click on the link to go there.  It may be a website or an app to download.
Trust Sandy's choices.  She has researched and tested many different ones, and only lists the best (and least ad intrusive).

To download an app from ipad users blog, click on the highlighted new iPad Resources under User Guides on the right of page.  Then choose the blue text link under First Choice to get tips-tricks-secrets-for-iPad.  A new screen appears. Choose FREE, then INSTALL.  After entering your apple password, wait patiently until the dot goes all the way around the circle.  When downloaded, it will say OPEN
(Note -  Allow push notifications on training apps so you will receive the newest update notifications.  Be cautious about allowing push notifications on other apps though, as they can overwhelm your system with ads, etc.)

Highly recommended book  - Teach Yourself Visually iPad (be sure to get the NEW one for the iOS7.)

Great Apps that come free with a new iPad Air or iPhone 5:
Airport Utility
Remote Numbers

To make a shortcut for Next Door.  Via Safari, go to  Use box with up arrow to Add to Home Screen.
You may make changes within Next Door so you don't receive so many emails (click the dropdown box next to your name in the upper right, then choose settings).
(In the immediate updates column you probably want to keep Crime & Safety and Free Items checked to get the best use of Next Door.) 

If you think of an iPad question later (or EVEN BETTER - have a suggestion for topics to cover at future meetings :-)
use contact info at right on iPad users' blog.  Sandy or Brent will answer.

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